05 jul 2013

Comparison Between Commercial And Residential Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Comparison Between Commercial And Residential Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Hostile vehicle mitigation fencing serves to protect a company and its property. It also protects the public from the dangers posed by the products made, moved visit our website or sold by the company.

Benefits of regular fencing

A regular fence is good to have around most residential plots, gardens and even some public areas. These fences are designed to look aesthetic and hence they increase the value of residential property. They are also designed such that they can protect children playing outside from wandering into the street. Even pets like dogs are kept safe from going next door and bothering the neighbors.

Specialty of residential fencing

The fencing around residential areas is more in order to establish the distinction between properties. It is easy to climb or scale these and they don&25264; really deter a burglar from entering. They are not strong enough to prevent any vehicle from driving through the fences and entering the protected yard. Most residents do not require the fences to perform such functions. Hostile vehicle mitigation fencing is a whole different area of work.

Fencing around commercial areas

Secure enclosures are required around commercial properties and business areas in order to prevent theft from occurring. Some commercial properties have hazardous chemicals and other components on them that could harm people if used improperly, tampered with or spilled. In order to keep a commercial property safe from theft, vandalism, or animaljamcodeshacks.com/ simply to prevent accidents from occurring, businesses often install hostile vehicle mitigation fencing.

Specialty of fencing around commercial areas
The components making up the enclosures around commercial properties are stronger than the ones that regular residents place around their homes and backyards. These fences are not just meant to keep boom beach hack 2017 children from wandering out. Instead they have the capability to keep a thousand pound vehicle from entering the perimeter.

The height of these components is also more than that of the components placed around residential plots and backyards. The fencing meant for hostile vehicle mitigation is usually 5 meters in height. The average fencing components installed around homes is around one third that height.

Concerns of commercial property owners

Commercial property owners are the most concerned about theft, but they are also concerned about public safety and the prevention of accidents due to hazardous material. If anyone faces an accident or gets injured on any commercial property, the owner of the property is held liable for the injuries of the person. If any person gets injured critically then the property is checked to see if the proper security measures were taken by the property owner. If such measures were not taken then the property owner is held at fault for not having the proper security measures installed in order to prevent such accidents from occurring. This is the reason that the commercial property owners and managers take the security measures of their property including hostile vehicle mitigation quite seriously.

Even a home owner can be held liable if someone gets injured on their property. However, there are less hazardous materials in an average home compared to a commercial property.