06 jul 2013

Common Irrigation System Problems And Repairs

Common Irrigation System Problems And Repairs

A sprinkler system is a great addition to your yard. In fact, it is a vital one. It keeps your grass looking greener, your trees growing taller, your shrubs looking fuller, and your flowers blooming brighter. visit our website Like every piece of complex machinery, though, a sprinkler system is subject to the possibility for breakdown or specific small, obnoxious problems. These problems can leave share this site the entire system malfunctioning. Suddenly your water-conserving and yard-improving system is unable to do visit more information its job. There are a number of problems that can arise, but thankfully, there are also experts like the repair crew at HydroTech that can provide a solution. Here is a handy guide to 2 of the most common problems that may arise with your home’s irrigation system along with the possible solutions for each problem.

?There is a possibility that your sprinkler heads may not be working. You may hear water flowing and may see that other sprinkler heads are working, but individual ones are not doing their job. For a likely solution, turn off your sprinkler system and then carefully dig around the sprinkler head so as not to interfere with or break any piping. Dig until you expose the sprinkler riser, which diverts from the irrigation piping and holds an individual sprinkler head. Unscrew the head from the riser and then evaluate the head. If it is in fact shattered or was just not rising, you will need a replacement head. It can be screwed into the riser until it is snug and then can be carefully buried back underground, leaving only the head exposed. It is possible that the head may not be damaged. It will just need to be cleaned of any clogged dirt or grass. To do so, you will need to unscrew the canister, which is the bottom of the sprinkler head, and then empty it and wash it out, then replace it. Be sure to also clean the top of the sprinkler head. There is also a chance that neither of the above troubleshooting techniques fixes the problem. In that case, it may be associated with the issue below.

?If the sprinkler has a weak flow of water that does not spray to its usual distance, if several sprinkler heads do not rise, or if only a light mist comes out of sprinkler heads instead of a steady stream of water, there could be a number of problems. One could be low water pressure from your water line. A solution could lie in opening the valves in your sprinkler system’s backflow device, a U-shaped set of pipes that is usually placed against a wall in your back yard. Turn the handles on the valves so that they run parallel to the pipes. This means that they are open. If this does not solve the problem, or if the valves were already open, consider searching for a leak in the irrigation system’s water line. As with Christmas lights, the problem usually resides between the last working device and the first non-working device. Find the last sprinkler head that works, turn off your system, and then dig around the plastic water line. If you find a leak, install slip coupling over the leak. This will work like a permanent bandage to fix the problem.

There are numerous other problems that can occur with your yard’s irrigation system, or there is a chance that the above solutions will not work for your specific problem. This is an intricate piece of machinery that depends on every individual part operating properly. When you find yourself unable to fix a problem, or if you make the wise decision to leave any possible repairs to an expert, consider what irrigation system repair people like those at HydroTech can do to get your irrigation system up and running quickly.