06 jul 2013

Common Garage Door Problems And Their Solutions

Common Garage Door Problems And Their Solutions

Your garage doors are something you may not give much thought to. They should just work every time you need them to. Like your keys, though, they are incredibly important to you getting into your home. You may not think about your garage doors much until the day they stop working. It can be incredibly inconvenient to you, especially if a malfunctioning garage door leaves you confined to your house, as you may not be able to get your car out of your garage. When these situations arise, you will probably want an immediate solution to this problem so that your garage door can go back to its normal function of letting you in and out and keeping the wrong people or pests out. Thankfully, there are options for garage door service in Lexington, NC that promise fast, efficient service, quality repairs, and honest diagnostics of the specific problems with your garage door.

For a general guide to what issues may come up with your garage door, here is a brief listing of some common problems that arise with extended use of a garage door. With each problem, there is a probable cause and solution given. You will notice that the cause of each problem is usually a specific part or group of parts that is malfunctioning. This is because your garage door relies on monster legends cheats hack tool a complex machine in order to function. As with most machines, every piece is vital and the malfunctioning of a single piece will result in a machine that does not work. See if one of these problems has occurred with your garage door:

?Your door is tilted when shut, leaving one side lifted off the ground. This may be due to worn-out extension spring cable pulleys, the pulley system that physically lifts your door and lowers it slowly. These pulleys may need to be replaced, or they could simply have become misaligned. The torsion or extension spring cables, which are suspended from the ceiling, may also be frayed or otherwise worn out. When they cannot function properly, they may raise and lower a door at an angle.

?If a garage door begins closing and then reverses back up, there may be a problem with the sensors on each side of the garage door, just above ground level. These are called electric kettle review the photo eyes. These sensors are intended to ensure that nothing is in danger of being crushed by the garage door. If they sense something, the door will not close. The photo eyes may be in need of cleaning, misaligned so that they cannot communicate with each other, or may have simply become defective. They will need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

?If your door made a loud bang sound and then did not open, you may have heard the torsion or extension springs break. They will need to be replaced before the garage door is able to open again.

?If your door makes popping sounds while opening or closing, then the rollers, the wheels that run along the side of the door, may be worn, loose, or cocked over. Depending on the exact cause, they may need to be fastened, replaced, or adjusted.

?If your door is squeaky, the rollers, hinges, or bearings on the door are dry and in need of lubrication. There is a specific type of oil that will be needed to allow your door to run smoothly.

There can be numerous more information other problems with a garage door, all resulting in malfunction. Unfortunately, even small issues like a noisy door can result in a series of damages. If there are any problems of any kind with your door, be sure to seek out garage door service in Lexington, NC, or in your area, as soon as possible.